How Much Does Damp Proofing Cost In 2022?

Damp is one of the most common problems in homes and other buildings in the UK. This is due to our temperate climate which means that we have cold, wet winters and warm, wet summers.

Our homes bear the brunt of all that wet weather and suffer from a range of different types of damp problems which if not dealt with can escalate and cause damage not only to your property but to your health too.

The costs of damp proofing vary enormously depending on the type of damp and the size and type of home/building. Prices start at around £200 but can also be in excess of £5000 including expenses for fixing the damage that has been done and required additional work, such as redecorating or paving stone installation.

What is Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing is a system of treatments that help stop all the different types of damp from invading your home or building. From small changes to the outside of your property such as creating or improving the damp coursing or putting damp proofing silicone in the wall cavities.

Types of Damp

Rising Damp

This is characterised by tide lines up your walls. It happens when groundwater seeps up from the ground into the structures/walls of your home.

Penetrating Damp

Identified by cold walls, damp walls and black spotty mould especially higher up on walls within your home penetrating damp is caused by water seeping in through the outside walls of your property.


Many of our day to day activities cause condensation, cooking, showering and even breathing all create moisture in the air inside our homes. If this moisture is not allowed to escape via adequate ventilation then condensation build-up can cause walls and ceilings to become damp.

Cost Factors of Treating Damp

Some of the factors that will affect the cost of treating damp include the type of damp being dealt with and the size of the area to be treated and the size and style of your home. Other costs also need to be factored in including the extent of the damage caused and whether areas will need to be replastered or redecorated.

  • For ground excavation to help eliminate rising damp the costs can go from £200 for one wall in a terraced home to over £4000 for a whole detached house with the addition of concrete slabs.
  • For the replacement or addition of damp proof coursing the costs can range from around £300 to over £2000.
  • To inject silicone damp proofing into walls the cost starts at around £500 for one wall of a terraced home to over £5000 for all the walls of a detached home.

What Happens When You Leave Damp Untreated?

Damp proofing costs can seem high. However, the price you pay for leaving damp issues unchecked can be much higher.

Unchecked it can lead to not just aesthetic damage to your home and furnishings but can in time cause structural damage. It can also be very unpleasant to live with causing bad smells and exacerbating health issues like asthma.

To find out about our excellent value damp proofing solutions or to arrange an inspection and get a quote please get in touch with our experts at RBS Damp Proofing Specialists.

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