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Basement Tanking Service

Keep the water at bay with our basement tanking service


Eliminate Groundwater Leaking Into Basement

People don’t realise how easily groundwater rises beneath basements and cellars and gradually makes its way into your home. You might go a few weeks without observing a secluded corner of your basement — only to find that puddles or patches of water have materialised, threatening to damage keepsakes, furniture or anything else in their path. In many instances, as part of this issue, you’ll also confront a growing outbreak of mould and algae.

Enlist a Basement and Cellar Tanking Team

The RBS team fortifies your basement with a solid layer of slurry to stop the seepage in its tracks. By applying this barrier, we combat the groundwater in basement walls and floors, a condition so common in older homes, homes in humid settings, or properties in close proximity to bodies of water. We bring you a team of skilled industry experts with 15 years of executing waterproofing solutions for clients large and small.


What does the work look like?

The first step is always a survey so that we can get an idea of the problem, its nature and what the basement looks like.  From there, we can create a report which encompasses your own specific requirements (if any) and details of the works and the timescale involved.  We’ll then get to work, carry out the treatment, provide updates during the course of the project and ensure that any rubbish is cleared up once the work is complete.  Simple, efficient and effective.

Have you got problems with woodworm or dry rot?


Take Steps Today to Protect Your Home

Water damage is quiet and almost imperceptible. When homeowners encounter woodworm and dry rot, they are frequently amazed by how these problems arrive without warning. Let’s face it — we often discover home or basement damage when it’s too late to prevent or reverse it. RBS lets you get ahead of the issue, circumvent future damage, and give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing your basement is properly sealed against mildew and erosion. Get in touch to schedule a treatment or inspection.

What is basement / cellar tanking?

At RBS – Damp Proofing in Tooting, we specialise in basement tanking and we’re one of the foremost practitioners in the London area.  We create a special render or slurry and then apply this to the walls and flooring of your basement / cellar.  This layer then acts as a barrier and helps prevent water from entering your property.  It’s a proven method and can help protect your property for years to come.  To enquire, get in touch with our professional team today.

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