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Specialist property waterproofing service


25 Elmbourne Road, Wandworth, SW17 8JS


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Your Home Is Among Your Most Valuable Assets

Let’s keep it that way. By taking steps to extend its life and health, you increase its value and give yourself a more comfortable, confident domestic setup. Nobody wants to be awake at night wondering if that rainstorm outside is making its way into the pores and crannies of their property’s foundation. Nobody wants to encounter damp spots on the wall or floor without a clue where they’re coming from. You can take advantage of dampproofing and waterproofing services that tackle these concerns head-on.

Call on the Experts to Protect Your Property

For dampproofing walls and addressing water damage, RBS brings you a top-tier team of well-trained technicians and operatives who confront the situations and put a stop to more serious issues long before they happen. Our team comes with a spectrum of skills and longstanding experience addressing mould, rot, woodworm and other moisture-related issues. We are an approved sovereign contractor with years of work under our belts. Our clients consistently remark on our friendly service and our ability to remedy uncomfortable living conditions and treat invasive water problems before they result in expensive or permanent damage.

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25 Elmbourne Road, Wandworth, SW17 8JS

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