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Damp Proofing In Wandsworth

Affordable damp proofing specialist in Wandsworth that you can trust operating throughout Balham, Clapham Junction, Battersea, Putney, Tooting and Wandsworth Town.


RBS Damp proofing offers damp proofing in Wandsworth and can help you prevent and treat all kinds of damp and moisture problems within your home or commercial building.  We provide our expert and affordable damp proofing services across South West London including Wandsworth, Balham, Tooting, and Clapham.

If you think you might have a damp problem it is vital to get it checked out ASAP to prevent the problem from getting worse and causing costly aesthetic and structural damage to your home.

Signs Of Damp

If you have noticed any or all of the following then you are one of the millions of people in the UK who have a damp problem.

  • A musty smell.
  • Cold walls and/or floors.
  • Mould patches/Black or brown speckled areas.
  • Damp patches/areas that look slightly darker than the surrounding wall.
  • Peeling paint/wallpaper coming away from the wall.
  • Carpets smell musty or feel damp.
  • Tide lines or watermarks on walls.
  • Items such as clothes/bags left on the floor become mouldy/damp/smelly.
  • House is difficult to heat/losing heat rapidly.
  • Damp or algae-covered outside walls.
  • Excessive condensation.
  • Health problems associated with living in damp or mouldy conditions.

Don’t worry though, RBS Damp Proofing Specialists offer damp proofing in Wandsworth and can quickly investigate, assess and affordably treat and manage all of your damp issues. Get in touch with us today for fast and affordable damp solutions in and around the Wandsworth area.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is often found in older houses, especially the Victorian terraces especially those with basements or cellars which are common across South West London, Balham, Clapham, Tooting and Wandsworth. The high levels of clay that is a feature of the soil in the London area make it especially prevalent in the city.

Rising damp is when groundwater rises up and penetrates the walls and floor of your property.

Indicators of rising damp include mould or damp at the lower levels of your home such as the basement and at floor level, damp, musty-smelling or mouldy carpets and tide lines of damp on walls.


Treatment For Rising Damp In Wandsworth

RBS damp proofing are specialists in rising damp solutions. We will assess the problem first to find the most suitable and cost-effective treatment for your rising damp problem.

We are specialists in basement and cellar tanking. That is the application of a special render mix to the walls and floors of your cellar or basement which effectively keep the groundwater out. This damp proofing treatment keeps your property safe from rising damp for a number of years.


Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is when water enters the walls of your property causing numerous aesthetic and structural problems for your building and potential health problems for you.

If you notice the problems such as damp patches on external walls or internal walls and if your house remains unusually cold after rain you likely have a penetrating damp problem.

This is a problem we see a lot of in period properties such as the Victorian houses across Tooting, Clapham, Wandsworth and Balham as the brickwork, guttering and downpipes are older and potentially not functioning as they should.

Treating Penetrating Damp In Wandsworth

At RBS damp proofing we are experts in detecting the source of the water entering your home and years of experience in sealing the routes that are letting in the water and damp proofing the property to provide protection against damp for the coming years. 


It is reported that 1 in 5 homes in the UK suffers from condensation damp problems. Condensation is the most common form of damp we treat at RBS dampproofing and happens when water vapour meets a cold surface.

It is especially common in cities such as London when people are reluctant to keep windows open for a variety of reasons and when older, period houses aren’t adequately insulated.

Treating Condensation In Wandsworth

It can commonly be treated (if caught early) with simple solutions involving improved ventilation and insulation unless the damp has caused other problems.

Get A Quote From The Wandsworth Damp Proofing Specialists

Contact our team of experts at RBS dampproofing your local London damp proofing specialists you can trust. We’ll take away the worry over your damp issues.

Get in touch for a quote and have your your damp problem assessed, fixed and prevented from recurring affordably and quickly before the problem escalates.


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