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The two main types of damp are rising damp and penetrating damp and they can affect any building even new builds though these damp problems are more common in older houses particularly the Victorian and Edwardian terraces with their cellars and basements that are so susceptible to damp. This is especially the case if they don’t have adequate damp proofing such as cellar and basement tanking and condensation control.


Signs Of Damp In Your South London Home

  • Odours – particular musty, mouldy smells.
  • Visible black mould.
  • Paint and wallpaper peeling from the walls and ceilings.
  • Difficulty retaining heat in your home – can feel cold even when it’s hot outside.
  • Damp patches and tide marks up the walls either inside or outside.

If you notice any of these signs contact us at RBS Damp Proofing for a damp proofing survey and receive a quote for our comprehensive damp proofing treatment.

Why You Must Not Ignore Signs Of Damp In Your Home

Not only can damp make your home smell and look unpleasant with mould patches and peeling paint the problem is far more than an aesthetic issue.

Yes, damp can cause mould that can ruin furnishings and carpets requiring costly replacements. But it is far more costly to replace damaged woodwork, floorboards, stairs, roof beams and foundations which are all potential consequences of leaving that damp issue too late.

The biggest cause for concern though is the damage it can do to your health and the health of your loved ones. Black mould is a serious health concern and can cause long-term lung and chest problems, particularly in children and those with underlying health concerns.

Rising Damp

This type of damp is common in low-lying areas and the clay-rich soil of Wimbledon and the rest of South London. If the source of your damp issue seems to be coming from the ground, perhaps your cellar or basement or your carpets and rugs feel cold and damp and there is a musty odour at floor level then you likely have rising damp.

Basement Tanking/Cellar Tanking

At RBS Damp Proofing we provide fast, reliable solutions to your rising damp problems in the form of basement and cellar tanking. A thick, special solution is applied to your basement/cellar walls and floors to keep the damp out for years to come.

Penetrating Damp

A variety of things can cause penetrating damp in your South London home or office. Lack of proper maintenance over the years such as clearing gutters, the breaking down of the mortar in walls, and faulty or badly fitting windows are among the common culprits of penetrating damp.


Damp Proofing Solutions In Wimbledon

Without specialist damp proofing services to find the source of the damp and eliminate it your home could be at risk of serious structural damage and a very costly fix. Thankfully when caught early it is an affordable and simple issue to solve. At RBS Damp Proofing we provide a number of services and solutions such as spraying the outside of your home with a damp proofing solution, condensation control as well as methods and equipment to thoroughly dry out your home.

Experienced Damp Proofing Specialists

RBS Damp Proofing has been helping the people of Wimbledon, Mitcham, Morden and the rest of South London sort out damp problems for over 15 years. With our friendly, reliable, affordable damp proofing, dry rot and woodworm expertise your home is in safe hands. Contact us and we guarantee we’ll get in touch to arrange your damp proofing survey and quote as soon as we possibly can.

Get A Quote From The Wimbledon Damp Proofing Specialists

Contact our team of experts at RBS dampproofing your local South London damp proofing specialists you can trust. We’ll take away the worry over your damp issues.

Get in touch for a quote and have your your damp problem assessed, fixed and prevented from recurring affordably and quickly before the problem escalates.


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